Release of SCC 5.5

The SCC Development Team is pleased to announce the release of SCC 5.5. The binaries will be available at: in the SCAP Tools section. in the SCAP Tools section. in the SCAP Tools section.

Primary changes from 5.4.2 to 5.5:

For All Platforms
• Updated DISA STIG SCAP content
• Added option to allow automatically whitelisting SCC for scanning STIG compliant RHEL8 via SSH
• Added command line –ssh to start SSH based UNIX/Cisco scans (although GUI is still requires for host/credential management)
• Improved command line parameters to have human readable aliases
• Improved support for OCIL questionnaires in preparation for future usage
• Improved support for XCCDF Tailoring, as the replacement for Deviations and the Unlocker
• Numerous internal changes in preparation for SCAP 1.3 independent validation

For Windows
• Added ability to run SCC as a non-administrator to perform SSH UNIX and Cisco based scans

For all UNIX
• Updated installations to be smaller in size and quicker startup times

For Linux
• Added support for arm64 based Debian/Ubuntu
• Added support for aarch64 based RHEL/Oracle linux

For Mac OS X
• Updated NIST developed SCAP content for Mac OS X 10.15, 11, 12