STIG Viewer Version 2.13

DISA has released STIG Viewer Version 2.13. This latest version of STIG Viewer is available at

-Font size preferences
-Switch from arbitrary sizes to four pre-defined sizes.
-Preferences now apply to more components.
-Eliminated blank console windows for Windows and Linux self-contained builds.
-Added right margin to content display to prevent obscured last character.
-Rule ID column now displays by default.

==Checklist tab==
-Import checklist data now displays a message listing unmatched rules.
-Preferences now allow for imported finding details to be appended or prepended.
-Dark mode context menu background for text areas is now gray.
-Dark mode now applies to target comment field.
-CSV export now has “Name” selection instead of “HostName”.

For all STIG/SRG related questions, please contact the DISA STIG Customer Support Desk: