The DoD Enterprise Directory Services (EDS) is a DISA and DMDC managed suite of products and services that provide DoD Enterprise identity and contact attributes. EDS is comprised of enterprise provisioning services, directory services, synchronization services, and white pages in support of people discovery across the DoD community. EDS retrieves source identity and contact information from the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) and DISA’s Global Directory Services (GDS).

Why Should I Use It?

The draft DoD CIO Memo entitled “Mandating Use of the DoD Enterprise Directory Services (EDS)” mandates the use of the EDS offered by the DoD IdAM portfolio for all DoD Components.

How Can I Use It?

To understand how you might best utilize DoD EDS, please review the specific service pages for the Batch Broker Service (BBS) / Real-time Broker Service (RBS), DoD Enterprise White Pages, the Identity Synchronization Service (IdSS), and milConnect. Additionally, the DoD CIO EDS Memo has been signed, and guidance on how to comply with this memo is available here.


All EDS reference materials are available on the Program Documentation page.