​DoD Authorizing Official (AO)

Version: 1.1 Length: 5.0 Hours

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This interactive training provides an understanding of the roles and responsibilities of the DoD Authorizing Official (AO), to include important issues associated with the AO's responsibilities. The central focus of this training is on the AO’s responsibilities for the cybersecurity assessment and authorization for operation of DoD information systems and platform information technology (PIT) systems using the DoD Risk Management Framework (RMF) for DoD information technology (IT). This presentation also provides legal guidance relating to DoD cybersecurity, to include Congressional legislation, as well as Federal and DoD policy governing the AO. Key players related to the AO’s responsibilities are indicated, including the Authorizing Official Designated Representative (AODR), DoD Mission Area Principal Authorizing Official (PAO), DoD Component Chief Information Officer (CIO), DoD Component Security Control Assessor (SCA), Program or System Manager (PM/SM), User Representative (UR), Information System Security Manager (ISSM), and Information System Security Officer (ISSO). The AO's responsibilities concerning system connection and the DoD Cybersecurity Workforce Improvement Program are reviewed. The information in this product can also benefit mid-level and senior managers, as well as their supporting staffs.