DoD Mobile Devices

Version: 2.0 - Content Date 05/19 Length: 1.0 Hours

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In this presentation, Department of Defense (DoD) mobile device users will learn about significant security issues and vulnerabilities associated with unclassified mobile devices. The training begins by reminding DoD users that these devices are provided solely to support mission accomplishment and not for a user’s personal convenience. DoD users are cautioned that, as a user of a government-provided or government-authorized mobile device, they have responsibilities to help ensure the security of DoD devices. After reviewing the vulnerabilities of mobile devices and who is vulnerable, users are informed on how to protect against loss or theft, against compromise, and against malware. The training covers use of DoD mobile devices around classified information, as well as use of messaging services, use of wireless features, and other special considerations in DoD mobile device use. This training also defines removable storage media with associated vulnerabilities and limitations on use of removable media. Finally, DoD mobile device users are provided guidance on what to do if their DoD mobile device is lost, stolen, or compromised.