Privileged User Cybersecurity Responsibilities

Version: 5.0 Length: 50 Min.

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Course Preview
Developed to be used in conjunction with annual DoD cybersecurity awareness training, this course presents the additional cybersecurity responsibilities for DoD information system users with access privileges elevated above those of an authorized user. The course identifies key terminology describing elevated user privileges, specific ethical and legal cybersecurity responsibilities of a privileged user, and DoD Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) responsibilities of a privileged user. Privileged user general cybersecurity responsibilities and restrictions covered include: reporting requirements, restricted and prohibited actions, protecting sensitive information, and the consequences of failure to comply. The PKI responsibilities of privileged users portion of the course reviews general rules for PKI credential use by privileged users, as well as general configuration guidelines for public key enabling of DoD information systems. The course stresses use of appropriate PKI tokens by privileged users for PKI identification and authentication, in addition to ensuring that the system correctly maps PKI certificates to an account with a set of associated privileges. The training delineates the seven sensitivity levels the DoD has defined for sensitive Unclassified and Secret information. These sensitivity levels, in combination with the environments from which users may access the information, are used to determine acceptable types of authentication credentials based on the credentials' strengths.