Using Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)

Version: 1.0 Length: 1.0 Hours

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This training presents separate PKI Overview and Using PKI Certificates courses, each with its own course completion certificate. (Length 1.0 Hour) Upon completing the PKI Overview course, Department of Defense (DoD) information systems users will be able to identify what PKI is and why it is important to the DoD, as well as which pieces of Congressional legislation, Federal policy, and DoD guidance mandate the use of PKI. This presentation identifies the different components of PKI and how they are implemented in the DoD. Details discussed include systems, software, PKI credentials, certificates, and keys. DoD users will learn how to use PKI to log on to unclassified DoD networks and access DoD information systems, applications, and websites; as well as how to use PKI to send and receive e-mails securely. Users will understand what the Common Access Card (CAC) is, why they use it, and how and when to obtain or return a CAC. DoD users will be informed on what system elements are needed to use their CAC, to include what a CAC personal identification (PIN) number is and what to do if they forget their CAC PIN. (Length 1.0 Hour) When DoD information system users have completed the Using PKI Certificates course, they will understand how to safely and securely authenticate their identity to access DoD unclassified networks using the PKI certificates contained on their Common Access Card or Alternate Token. DoD users will also learn how to use their PKI certificates to authenticate their identity to DoD systems, applications, and restricted web sites. In addition, DoD users will know how to validate digital signatures, as well as how to send and receive e-mail securely using their PKI certificates to encrypt the e-mail, when necessary. Finally, they will be able to identify how to read an e-mail that was encrypted using expired certificates taken from a previous CAC.