The 8140 Manual was issued 15 February 2023. The new 8140 Workforce Qualifications and Program Management can be found at The 8140 Manual immediately canceled the DoD 8570 Manual and its requirements.

General Questions

I had the CCNA Security, but Cisco recently converted it to CCNA. Is this still a valid certification for 8140?

The DoD Deputy CIO for Cyber Security issued a waiver for those DoD civilians, military and contractors who had a valid CCNA Security for an 8570 designated position. This waiver covers the transition period for 8140 qualification requirements. The waiver can be found in the Cyber Workforce Management Program >> Documents Library.

Did the 8570 certifications carry over to the 8140-qualification program?

All of the 8570 certifications did carry over to the 8140 Workforce Qualification and Management Program, and they were aligned to the appropriate DCWF Work Role.