STEP 1. CONTACT your Information Assurance Manager and follow your Component’s procedures to IDENTIFY your position, level and certification requirements within the IA Workforce. (If you do not know who your IA Manager is contact your Component’s OPR POC directly.)

Reference chapters 3, 4, 5, 10 and 11 in the Manual for detailed position descriptions
Reference “How to identify IAM/IAT workforce” FAQs posted under “Policies and References”

All IA Workforce personnel must obtain one of the certifications required for their position category or specialty and level.

For a list of DoD approved certification providers, click here.

STEP 2. OBTAIN training for the IA baseline certification you wish to take. (Note: you must follow established procedures at your organization to request and/or obtain training, but at a minimum your IA Manager must approve any training or certification you wish to take).

The OSD IA WIP program does not endorse specific training vendors, only IA baseline certification vendors. Training towards the 8570 IA baseline certifications can be obtained from any vendor. Individuals or Components who are interested in receiving training for any approved IA baseline certification are encouraged (but not limited) to work through the approved IA baseline certification vendors to identify appropriate training vendors. Additionally, training for many of the IA baseline certifications is available for free via the Virtual Training Environment (VTE)

STEP 3. REQUEST a certification exam voucher from your IAM.

STEP 4. NOTIFY your IA Manager once you have completed all your training and received your certification. In some cases individual Components have other requirements or databases for recording and managing the certifications of its IA personnel.