3454 (NIST ID: K0523)


Knowledge of products and nomenclature of major vendors (e.g., security suites – Trend Micro, Symantec, McAfee, Outpost, Panda, Kaspersky) and how differences affect exploitation/vulnerabilities.

Items denoted by a * are CORE KSATs for every Work Role, while other CORE KSATs vary by Work Role.

Core KSAT for the following Work Roles

No Work Roles with Core KSAT 3454

Additional KSAT for the following Work Roles

Exploitation Analyst (Additional) ID: 121 (NIST ID: AN-XA-001) Workforce Element: Cyberspace Effects

Collaborates to identify access and collection gaps that can be satisfied through cyber collection and/or preparation activities. Leverages all authorized resources and analytic techniques to penetrate targeted networks.