5945 (NIST ID: N/A)


Develop and implement automatic test tools in a CI/CD pipeline, which could include Static Application Security Test (SAST) tools, Dynamic Application Security Test (DAST) tools, Unit Test tools, Static Code Analysis (SCA) tools, etc.

Items denoted by a * are CORE KSATs for every Work Role, while other CORE KSATs vary by Work Role.

Core KSAT for the following Work Roles

DevSecOps Specialist (Core) ID: 627 (NIST ID: N/A) Workforce Element: Software Engineering

Selects/Deploys/Maintains the set of Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools and processes used by the development team and/or maintains the deployed software product and ensures observability and security across the lifecycle.

Additional KSAT for the following Work Roles

No Work Roles with Additional KSAT 5945