6934 (NIST ID: N/A)


Knowledge of RMF assessment types (e.g., Assess & Authorize (A&A), Assess Only) and authorization boundaries (e.g., Closed Restricted Network (CRN), Stand-alone Information System (SIS)).

Items denoted by a * are CORE KSATs for every Work Role, while other CORE KSATs vary by Work Role.

Core KSAT for the following Work Roles

No Work Roles with Core KSAT 6934

Additional KSAT for the following Work Roles

Control Systems Security Specialist (Additional) ID: 462 (NIST ID: N/A) Workforce Element: Cybersecurity

Responsible for device, equipment, and system-level cybersecurity configuration and day-to-day security operations of control systems, including security monitoring and maintenance along with stakeholder coordination to ensure the system and its interconnections are secure in support of mission operations.