The Data Quality Initiative is an effort to improve and maintain the accuracy of enterprise Identity and Access Management (IdAM) data attributes. This initiative is focused on analyzing existing IdAM data flows and guidance, developing new/updated enterprise-level guidance, and collaborating with DoD Components to ensure compliance with that guidance. This initiative leverages various IdAM-related technologies to support data flow across the enterprise, including milConnect, RBS, BBS, and IdSS.

Current Efforts

DISA is currently focused on developing enterprise IdAM data guidance for inclusion into the Defense IT Standards Registry (DISR). The DoD Identity and Access Management (IdAM) Data Dictionary will be released in conjunction with a memorandum directing its use by the Components.

IdAM Attribute Constrained Value Lists

Due to the dynamic nature of some IdAM data attributes, constrained value lists are available below. These lists are updated regularly. If values required for use by your Component are missing or have changed, please contact the Locations Governance Board for further instructions regarding how to update these values. If you require a modification to DoD Duty Installation/Location values, please first review the Installation/Location Naming Specification found in the DoD IdAM Data Dictionary for additional information prior to proceeding.