The Enterprise Directory Query Service (EDQS) provides DoD Combatant Commands, Services, and Agencies (CC/S/A’s) read only connection to an LDAP/S directory containing IdSS data. This enables CC/S/A’s to query the database in real-time for persona based data about a specific persona. The primary sources for this data are DMDC’s Person Data Repository (PDR) for DoD person and persona data and DISA’s Global Directory Service (GDS) for user PKI certificates.

Why Should I Use It?

The establishment of a connection with the EDQS provides a well-defined, read-only EDS interface with enterprise identity and contact information for DoD-level and Component-level IT directory systems. Utilizing an EDQS connection can help DoD Components achieve compliance with the DoD CIO EDS Memo and also provides an alternative to standing up and maintaining a local data store.

How Can I Use It?

An EDQS connection is available for use by CC/S/As through an LDAP interface used to query the IdSS data. For information on establishing an EDQS connection, refer to the EDQS Customer Interface Specification (CIS) on the Program Documentation page or contact the DISA EDS team. EDQS is a fee-for-service solution and can be obtained by coordinating with your CME team, part of Customer Engagement within Enterprise Services. Your CME will coordinate with your organization to complete a Service Request Form (SRF).


All EDQS reference materials are available on the Program Documentation page. This is only available on DoD Cyber Exchange NIPR.