milConnect is a web site provided by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC) that allows members of the DoD to update their personal data. For the purposes of the IdAM portfolio, milConnect is the designated interface for maintaining persona contact information such as Duty Organization, Job Title, Installation, Address, and Phone Number. This data populates DMDC systems, and, in turn, all Enterprise Directory Services (EDS).

Why Should I Use It?

milConnect provides a user interface for members of the DoD to update and maintain their persona contact information. As a result, members of the DoD are able to provide their most recent information to the EDS suite of services. Keeping this information up-to-date is integral to ensuring the operations of enterprise applications, such as the Global Address List (GAL). Also, use of milConnect is required by the DoD CIO EDS Memo

How Can I Use It?

DoD personnel, including contractors, may access milConnect to update their personal contact information. Instructions for utilizing the milConnect Portal can be found here.


All milConnect reference materials are available on the Program Documentation page. This is only available on DoD Cyber Exchange NIPR.