Newly Released STIGs:

  • RHEL 9 STIG with Chef
  • RHEL 9 STIG with Ansible
  • Google Android 14 BYOAD
  • Apple iOS/iPadOS 17 BYOAD
  • Microsoft Exchange 2019
  • Enterprise DB Postgres Advanced Server (EPAS) STIG
  • Apple MacOS 14
  • Microsoft Windows Server DNS – This STIG will be used for all Windows DNS servers, whether they are Active   Directory (AD)- integrated, authoritative file-backed DNS zones, a hybrid of both, or a recursive caching server. This STIG must also be used for Windows DNS servers that are a secondary name server for zones whose master authoritative server is non-Windows
  • Enterprise Voice, Video, and Messaging SRG – This SRG is used for all implementations of VoIP and legacy telephony network integration, Video Teleconferencing and Calling, and collaboration software that integrates with Voice and Video features. The EVVM SRG replaces the Voice, Video, and VoIP STIGs currently in sunset. The Voice, Video, and VoIP STIGs must not be used and will be retired and removed from Cyber Exchange.
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Application Security and Development STIG - Ver 5, Rel 3 Application Security and Development STIG - Ver 5, Rel 3
1.31 MB 2023 07 20
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