DISA has released the following guidance: How to Create an SRG/STIG ID Mapping Spreadsheet

To provide increased flexibility for the future, DISA has updated the systems that produce STIGs and SRGs. This has resulted in a modification to Group and Rule IDs (Vul and Subvul IDs).

Spreadsheets that mapped these new IDs to the “legacy” IDs were provided for end users during the October 2020 Quarterly Release. Although these spreadsheets are no longer being provided as of January 2021, users may create their own.

To create this spreadsheet, please refer to the How to Create an SRG-STIG ID Mapping Spreadsheet document.

For all questions related to STIG content, please contact the DISA STIG Customer Support Desk at disa.stig_spt@mail.mil.