DISA releases out-of-cycle STIG and SRG updates

The Defense Information Systems Agency has released the following out-of-cycle Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG) and Security Requirements Guide (SRG) updates, which become effective immediately upon release:

Cisco IOS Router STIG
Cisco IOS Switch STIG
Cisco IOS XE Router STIG
Cisco IOS XE Switch STIG
Cisco IOS XR Router STIG
Cisco NX OS Switch STIG
Juniper Router STIG
Microsoft Windows 10 STIG – Ver 2, Rel 7
Microsoft Windows 11 STIG – Ver 1, Rel 4
Microsoft Windows Server 2019 STIG – Ver 2, Rel 7
Microsoft Windows Server 2022 STIG – Ver 1, Rel 3
Network Device Management SRG – Ver 4, Rel 3
Network Infrastructure Policy STIG – Ver 10, Rel 6
Virtual Private Network SRG – Ver 2, Rel 5

Customers who possess a Common Access Card (CAC) that has valid Department of Defense (DOD) certificates can obtain the files from the DOD Cyber Exchange website at https://cyber.mil/stigs/downloads/. The files are also available on the Cyber Exchange public site at https://public.cyber.mil/stigs/downloads.

Users who are unable to find and download the files can report their issue to the Cyber Exchange web team at dod.cyberexchange@mail.mil. Individuals who have further questions related to STIG content should email the DISA STIG customer support desk at disa.stig_spt@mail.mil.