DOD Secure Access File Exchange (SAFE)

How do I access DoD SAFE

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PIV / ECA certificates are not currently supported.   Please use the ‘SIGNATURE’ Email certificate issued by a DOD EMAIL CA to connect.

Problems accessing the DoD SAFE site by external (non-CAC) users are typically due to SSL and/or client certificate issues. If the user receives a warning about a problem with the website’s security certificate, this is because their browser is not configured to trust the DoD certificate authorities. The user can either import the DoD certificate authorities by following the instructions found here or they can accept the risk and click on the option to continue to the website.

Also on non-CAC system – if the browser pops up a window prompting for a certificate to use for authentication, clicking on Cancel should allow unauthenticated access to the site.

Sending Files

Authenticated CAC users can send files to any email address (i.e., .mil, .gov, .com), receive and manage files and request files be sent to them by guests. Guests (i.e., PIV holders, users with .com and .edu emails) can receive files and send files but only if solicited by CAC users.

Receiving Files

Users can pick up files by following the URL contained in an email notifying recipients of the files and by providing the Claim Passcode also contained in the email or by manually picking the files up from DoD SAFE using the Claim ID, Recipient Code and Claim Passcode which are contained in that same email.

Managing Packages

Authenticated users can resend or delete existing packages.

Can I send FOUO (For Official Use Only), PII, PHI files?


Is SAFE accredited?

Yes. SAFE has an ATO.

Is there a limit on how frequently files may be exchanged?

No. SAFE has no limit for how frequently files may be exchanged.

Can I download my files multiple times?

Yes. Packages are not locked after the first successful download.

How are my files secured?

In transit, your files are secured with TLS. At rest, your files can be secured with AES encryption if you select the corresponding encryption check box. DoD SAFE users are responsible for ensuring they encrypt FOUO, PII, and PHI data.

What file formats may be transferred through SAFE?

No restrictions.

What is the maximum file size of a package?

8 (eight) GB maximum. This may be increased in the future.

What if my files exceed the maximum size?

Compressed file-types (zip, 7z, tar.gz, etc.) can be used to reduce the size of a file. Alternatively, large files can also be separated into multiple 8 GB or less segments that can be sent in several individual package transfers. You can contact the DISA Global Service Desk and discuss your use case.

How many files can I upload at one time?

Up to 25 files per package.

How long will I have access to my files?

Seven (7) days.