This page contains qualification content for the DoD Manual 8140.03, “Cyberspace Workforce Qualification and Management Program,” February 15, 2023. The content on this page provides amplifying information on proposed specific qualification options and requirements based on the criteria described in Section 3, Cyberspace Workforce Structure and Qualification Program.

As described in the Manual, each DCWF work role will includes associated foundational qualification options and resident qualification requirements as illustrated in the Sample Work Role Qualification Matrix illustrated below.

The repository below contains files that provide current proposed options to achieve foundational qualification. The file, “DoD 8140 Foundational Qualification Options” contains foundational qualification options for both the Education Foundational Qualification Option and the Personnel
Certification Foundational Qualification Option. The file contains this information as nominated during Cyber Workforce Management Board sponsored qualification panels, –and in the case of personnel certifications reviewed by a third party.

The file, “Cyberspace Training Repository” contains Component-nominated and approved content for the Training Foundational Qualification Option. Along with the content contained within this file, and as stated in the DoDM 8140.03, any training approved for the Cyber Mission Forces will also be accepted for the corresponding DCWF work Role. In addition, The Defense Cyber Crime Center, Cyber Training Academy developed the “Cyber 101” foundational course, which is aligned as a Training Foundational Qualification Option for most Cyber Enabler and Intelligence Workforce (cyberspace) work roles.

Cyberspace Foundational Options

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(NEW) DoD 8140 Qualification Matrices and Training Repository

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Information Technology (IT) Information Technology (IT)
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