The objective of the Mission Partner Training Program is to provide training and education opportunities for mission partners in all areas associated with enterprise connections such as PPSM, DSAWG, and Connection Approval. By providing 24/7 user-accessible computer-based trainings (CBTs) and DCS-hosted Training + Q&A sessions on the training topics, mission partners are provided with the policy and process information needed to reduce or eliminate processing delays caused by inaccurate or incomplete information.


After learning more about enterprise connections topics by viewing computer-based trainings (CBTs) prior to the beginning of the session, mission partners are then able to ask specific subject matter experts questions and provide feedback through dedicated Q&A sessions for new CBTs. Miss a Q&A session? The Q&A session conversations are used to create FAQs.


  • Dial in and join the web meeting:
  • Commercial: 410-874-6300
    Access Code: 818848092
  • DSN: 312-874-6300
    Access Code: 818848092
  • Schedule: 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month at 1000 & 1400 ET

CDS/DSAWG Training

  Title Size Updated
Cross Domain Solution 101 Cross Domain Solution 101
2022 10 19
DSAWG Briefing Standards DSAWG Briefing Standards
2020 12 02
DSAWG 101 Video DSAWG 101 Video
2020 11 23
Cross Domain Solution Connection Approval Phase Cross Domain Solution Connection Approval Phase
2020 11 18

Connection Approval Training

  Title Size Updated
Defense Switch Network Registration Defense Switch Network Registration
2020 12 02
SNAP Intro. & User Guide Video SNAP Intro. & User Guide Video
2020 11 25
RMF Package Submission Video RMF Package Submission Video
2020 11 23
Network Topology Network Topology
2020 11 23
Cyber Hygiene Analysis Introduction Cyber Hygiene Analysis Introduction
2020 11 04
Accreditation Enforcement Video Accreditation Enforcement Video
2019 10 10

PPSM Training

  Title Size Updated
Registry Registry
2022 12 23
Category Assurance List Category Assurance List
2021 01 15
Network Boundaries Network Boundaries
2020 11 18
Overview Overview
2020 11 18