The PPSM mission is to create fundamental, definitive, but agile PPSM standards (defined in reference (a)) to maintain strong, secure, uninterrupted access to government resources and critical applications. This shall be accomplished in a manner that promotes network security, data protection, system interoperability, secure configuration management, continuous monitoring (including discovery and analysis), vulnerability management, cybersecurity risk scoring, and baseline configuration compliance verification in support of near real-time command and control of the DODIN and Joint Information Environment (JIE).


DoD Instruction 8551.01 Ports, Protocols, and Services Management (PPSM) standardizes procedures to catalog, regulate, and control the use and management of protocols in the Internet protocol suite, and associated ports (also known as protocols, data services, and associated ports or ports, protocols, and services); also referred to as PPS on DoD information networks (DODIN) including the connected information systems, platform information technology (IT) systems, platform IT (PIT), and products based on the potential that unregulated PPSM can damage DoD operations and interests and applies to all PPS used throughout planned, newly developed, acquired, and existing DODIN (whether used internal or external to the enclave), which include DoD Information Technology (IT).

Implementation of 8551.01 support requirements for configuration management and continuous monitoring to include discovery and analysis of PPS to support near real time command and control (C2), of the DODIN and Joint Information Environment (JIE).

PPSM conducts vulnerability assessment to document the operational risk and security implementation strategies of PPS based on its capability, functionality, and exploitability.

PPSM maintains a PPSM Registry capability that is used to declare all PPS for DoD Components; and is made available to DoD mission partners connected to DODIN for their discretionary use. The Registry provides a mechanism designed to capture relevant data about DoD IT (e.g., applications and their underlying PPS).

For questions regarding PPSM, contact the PPSM Secretariat by phone at (301) 225-2904, DSN 312-375-2904 or send messages to dod.ppsm@mail.mil (NIPRNET) or ppsm@disa.smil.mil (SIPRNET).