The ECA Certificate Policy is maintained by the ECA Policy Management Authority. In accordance with “Amendments,” section 9.12 of the ECA CP, the EPMA will review the CP at least once every year.

To request a change to the ECA CP, complete all sections of the ECA CP Change Request Form and email to

The EPMA will collect change requests and periodically post a Certificate Policy Plan that describes anticipated changes. This plan will be emailed to all parties who have submitted change requests and posted here for a minimum of one month. During this review period, any comments to proposed changes in the Certificate Policy Plan can be submitted using the ECA CP Comment Form to the email address above. The due date for submitting comments on proposed changes will be posted at the same time as the Certificate Policy Plan.

To request notification of the publication of the Certificate Policy Plan, send an email with your name, organization, phone number, and email address to