These FAQs come directly from the most common mission partner inquiries received, and from the live Enterprise Connection Division subject matter expert hosted Question and Answer sessions that are available regularly as part of the Mission Partner Training Program. If you would like to attend a live session please visit the training page for more information.

This page contains frequently asked questions on the Mission Partner Training program. Have a question? Submit it here.

Q & A
PowerPoint Slides
March 2021PPSM Overview
April 2021RMF Package Submission
May 2021DSAWG 101
June 2021PPSM Network Boundaries
July 2021SNAP Introduction And User Guide
August 2021CDS CAP
September 2021PPSM Registry
October 2021SNAP Intro And User Guide
November 2021CAL
December 2021CDS CAP
January 2022PPSM Overview
February 2022RMF Package Submission