How do I establish and utilize an Identity Synchronization Service (IdSS) Machine Interface (IdMI) feed?

There are several steps required to establish and utilize an IdMI feed:

  • A Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) is required with DISA. A template is available on the Program Documentation page under the EDS heading.
  • One or more Customer Interface Specifications (CIS) are required. One CIS is required for NIPRNet and another for SIPRNet, as appropriate to your usage plan. Templates are available on the Program Documentation page under the EDS heading.
  • Provide DISA a copy of your completed Privacy Impact Statement (PIA) for your directory system.
  • Provide DISA a copy of the ATO for your directory system.

Please contact the EDS team when you are ready to initiate your connection.

What is the scope of the CIO Memo entitled "Mandating Use of the DoD Enterprise Directory Services (EDS)"?

The EDS memo mandates the management of identities, and does not directly relate to authentication or authorization. The scope includes only .mil user accounts on the NIPRNet and SIPRNet. Furthermore, physical authentication and access control mechanisms are outside the scope of this memo.

How do I comply with the CIO Memo entitled "Mandating Use of the DoD Enterprise Directory Services (EDS)"?

What are the anticipated costs for complying with the CIO Memo entitled "Mandating Use of the DoD Enterprise Directory Services (EDS)"?

The anticipated costs related to EDS memo compliance include the effort for users to update their personnel information in milConnect, the effort for establishing an EDS feed (BBS, RBS, or IdSS), and the effort for adopting the DoD IdAM Data Dictionary.

Implementation of infrastructure solutions to meet a CC/S/A’s mission requirements is, and remains, the responsibility and the determination of the CC/S/A. When those solutions overlap with the scope of the EDS memo, specifically for directory services, CC/S/As need to ensure compliance with the EDS memo. Any network infrastructure or domain controllers required for EDS memo compliance are the responsibility of the representative CC/S/A. The need for a synchronization infrastructure should be driven by CC/S/A requirements.

I have IdAM questions - who should I contact?

If you have any questions related to the DoD IdAM portfolio of services, or general questions related to DoD IdAM efforts, you may email the DISA IdAM Portfolio Team.

What is a DoD persona?

As defined in the “DoD Enteprise User Data Management Plan for Persons and Personas”, a DoD persona is a DoD Person’s current working or other personnel relationship with the DoD.

How can I update my outdated contact information in milConnect?

Updating contact information in milConnect will ensure that your current contact information is displayed in the Global Address List (GAL). Instructions for using the milConnect portal can be found here. After your information is updated in milConnect, it should take less than 48 hours to see changes in the GAL.

My DoD Organization is looking for an automated way to pull down global address list (GAL) or directory information for our population. Does the IdAM Portfolio provide a service for this?

DISA offers a feed called an IdSS machine interface (IdMI) connection that provides access to IdSS data in an automated fashion. Because this information contains PII data, DISA must take certain steps to ensure the protection of the data. In order to establish an IdMI connection, your DoD Organization would need to work with DISA to get a connection agreement (MOA, ATO, and PIA) in place. For more information on establishing an IdMI connection, please refer to the IdMI Customer Interface Specification (CIS) on the Program Documentation page or contact the DISA IdSS Connections team.